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The following represents the standard architectural requirements for implementation of Cetova's products.

Cetova Server

The Cetova Server is a Java servlet application that runs on Apache Tomcat. The system’s metadata (reports, queries, hierarchies, security, and the mappings to the underlying system) are stored in the Cetova Database. The Cetova Server can be deployed in a single server or a multiple server cluster.

The Cetova Server provides an XML-based interface to all system commands. The requestor sends an XML request via HTTP and receives an XML response via HTTP. The Cetova Server provides database and transactional independence.


The security model is group-based, role-based, and hierarchical. Security can be applied to:
  • Applications
  • Reports / Queries / Batches / Dashboards
  • Hierarchies / Tables
  • Members / Records

The security architecture provides granular control over each data member listed in a report or record listed in a query, allowing data to be provided publicly without risk of inappropriate access. LDAP integration is available.

Intranet integration

Cetova uses XML-based technology to layout and present pages to users. By modifying the XSL (XML style sheet) files, the user interface can be modified to be consistent with the client environment.

Excel integration

Cetova's Reporting Platform provides an MS Excel add-in that can be installed on user desktops. It adds a "Cetova" menu to Excel, from which users can process reports, queries, or batches.


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Oct 4, 2011

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Equipment for Outdoor Sports
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April 23, 2012. 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

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