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Cetova's technology provides an end-to-end platform. Its key feature is elimination of data design and data management beyond the ERP system. In addition to cost efficiencies and performance benefits, this means Cetova products can be implemented in days with little to no disruption to business operations.

Architecture overview

The functional architecture viewable on the right provides user-facing applications with XML-based (web services) access to platform data and infrastructure. By wrapping the maintenance and management of underlying multidimensional reporting technology and transactional system integration, Cetova’s technology eliminates the configuration and maintenance overhead that plague traditional data warehouse / business intelligence applications.

From a technical perspective, Cetova has a three-tier architecture, developed primarily using Java and XML. The technical architecture can be selectively viewed on the right. Data flows from right to left.

Report definitions are stored in the Cetova database, combined with data from the multidimensional database at run-time, and produced in XML format. Front-end applications define and display reports, manage the hierarchies that structure the multidimensional database, and configure security.

The flexibility of the technical architecture allows Cetova's products to be deployed using a single server, or clustered across multiple servers. By removing the dependency of the report writing function from the underlying ERP platform, Cetova provides an intranet-compatible architecture.


New Energy Sector Client

Oct 4, 2011

Press Release:
New Account:
Equipment for Outdoor Sports
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April 23, 2012. 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

Las Vegas, Nevada
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