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Cetova’s products and services leverage nearly 20 years of JD Edwards implementation and development experience.

Our suite of products features out-of-the-box integration with JD Edwards ERP data, regardless of version, thereby enabling both JD Edwards World and Enterprise One customers to successfully implement a financial reporting solution in less than a week.


C-FAR Workspaces offer out-of-the-box and custom configuration of data hierarchies across JDE modules and core suites.  Our Workspaces thoughtfully merge JDE master data (e.g. F0101, F0301, F0401, F0901, F1201, F4101, etc.) with balance, header and transactional data (e.g. F0902, F1202, F0311, F0411, F0911, F4111, F4201, F4211, etc.) to enable truly robust multidimensional analysis.  Furthermore, we can customize Workspaces to span multiple JDE modules for specialized reporting, such as merging the F0411 and the F0911 tables for AP Expense Distribution Analysis by Region.

Cetova JDE Workspaces
General Ledger Fixed Assets
Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable
Sales Management Purchasing Management
Inventory Job Cost
Human Resources Payroll
Real Estate Property Management
Homebuilder Manufacturing

Our most popular C-FAR Workspace is the General Ledger, which enables multidimensional analysis over the JDE Account Balance (F0902) table.  Our clients use the Cetova General Ledger Workspace to effortlessly create meaningful core financials.  Take advantage of Cetova’s out-of-the-box General Ledger Workspace Integration to pivot your Account Balances in accordance with reporting structures that already reside within JD Edwards.  Additionally, users may build custom Business Unit, Object, and Subsidiary hierarchies using Cetova’s Hierarchy Explorer application.


Any report generated by a C-FAR Workspace may serve as the back-end for charts and dashboards powered by C-ExecView.  Cetova’s digital dashboards, as well as all other Cetova reports and queries, may be refreshed on-demand, or, scheduled to refresh per your executive reporting requirements.


C-QRY grants secure, select-only, real-time query access to all JDE Tables, including custom Views, on either a replicated or real-time basis.  C-QRY fully integrates with the JD Edwards Data Dictionary, and features additional JDE-specific functionality, such as automated UDC Description retrieval and Julian Date conversion, to streamline the report writing experience.  C-QRY is a serious SQL front-end, enabling the spectrum of table joins, totals and sorting, and Case statements.


C-PLAN features a pushbutton load of budget and forecast balances to JDE’s F0902Z1 or F14112 tables.  It also maps to an unlimited number of JDE Budget Types, thereby enabling simple rolling forecasting.  To make your planning cycle as seamless as possible, allow our consultants to guide you in creating and scheduling the appropriate UBE R14110 or P14110 versions.



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Oct 4, 2011

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