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C-FAR, Cetova's multidimensional reporting and analysis tool is pre-integrated with JDE, both World and E1, and does not require IT training or programming experience. Since IT is focused on upgrades and maintenance of the business infrastructure, user reports are last in priority in a long line of requests. With C-FAR, IT can reduce its workload and allow users to take ownership of the reporting cycle.

Users create reports in an Excel-like interface with our drag-and drop functionality. They simply select the relevant information and drag to appropriate row or column, repeat as needed. Once saved in the central repository, end users can access reports via the Web, PDF, or Excel.

C-FAR's Hierarchy Explorer empowers users to group or roll-up information in new and diverse ways. For example, sales reports can be organized by sales person, product line, or margins with just a quick drag-and-drop. The Hierarchy Explorer also enforces data consistency by checking for orphans, duplicates, and missing data.

C-FAR truly allows the end user to wholly own the reporting process.

For more information, download our C-FAR product sheet.

  • Familiar Excel-like interface
  • No manual re-keying of data
  • Instant report generation via the Web, Excel, PDF
  • Drilldown to lower levels and drillback to transactions
  • Report from any ERP system and/or third-party database
  • Pre-Integration with JDE, both World and E1

60 Second C-FAR Report

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Oct 4, 2011

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