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C-PLAN, Cetova’s budgeting & planning product, is an elegant solution to close the loop on the budgeting process. By integrating budgeting information with the ERP system, Cetova clients can eliminate a layer of infrastructure and redundancy.

We enable users to draft their budget or plan while viewing past actual trends and simultaneously modeling future scenarios.
C-PLAN delivers efficiency and control, enabling improved cycle time, better financial controls, and secured workflow.

C-PLAN eliminates re-keying of actual information while providing the interface to input budget numbers. Users have access to pre-built budgeting functions to develop projections using basic or more sophisticated models for forecasting data trends. With its Excel integration, users can deploy this tool as their budget front-end while retaining access to all of the software features and financial controls.

Explanation fields reduce the necessary meetings by giving the approver all of the available information.

For more information, download our C-PLAN product sheet.

  • Upload (write back) budget to the ERP system or save in C-PLAN
  • Excel front-end integration
  • Automatic generation of budgets based on formulas
  • Custom templates support specific budgeting requirements for groups of users
  • Event-driven workflow guides budgets on their way to review and approval
  • Effortless consolidation and reconfiguration of budgets
  • Flexible workflow – budget down or bottom up or both

New Energy Sector Client

Oct 4, 2011

Press Release:
New Account:
Equipment for Outdoor Sports
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