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Cetova's suite of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) products offers reporting, budgeting, and dashboard solutions designed with over 25 years of ERP implementation and Chart of Accounts design experience.  Our cached OLAP technology, along with low price-point and solid JDE integration, make Cetova an excellent fit for business end-users working in decision-support roles.

Cetova CPM Products

C-FAR for Multidimensional OLAP Analysis
C-FAR is Cetova’s multidimensional reporting and analysis tool.  End users can effortlessly drag, drop, drill, and publish beautiful reports into the Web, MS Excel, and Adobe Acrobat.

C-QRY for Relational SQL Analysis
C-QRY is Cetova’s front-end to SQL.  End users with no programming experience can easily extract real-time data residing in any Oracle, JDE, PeopleSoft, or other third party database.

C-PLAN for Budgeting
C-PLAN is Cetova’s planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution, featuring ERP write-back, workflow, and integration with C-FAR for seamless variance reporting.

C-ExecView for Dashboards
C-ExecView is Cetova’s dashboard product, providing business leaders with a management window into actionable and timely indicators and benchmarks.


New Energy Sector Client

Oct 4, 2011

Press Release:
New Account:
Equipment for Outdoor Sports
Click here to read the release.

Webinars and Events

April 23, 2012. 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

Las Vegas, Nevada
#95770 - Cetova Dashboards:
The Actionable Window to Your Business Information.